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Qingdao desiree group website of privacy statement

Qingdao desiree group website (http://www.deshengli.net, the following says "this web site") privacy protection of this web site to protect users statement of personal privacy promise. In view of the characteristics of the network, this website will inevitably produce with you directly or indirectly interaction, so I said to customer information in this website to the collection, use and protection policy, please make sure that you read:

1. The user impersonal information

We will through your IP address to collect the personal information, such as your browser properties, the operating system type, give you access service ISP domain and so on, in order to optimize the in your computer screen page. Through collecting the information, we also for passenger statistics, thereby improving web site management and services.

2. Personal data

2.1 when you in Qingdao desiree group website in user registration, online or in public BBS wait for all sorts of activities, in your approval and confirmation, this website will through the registration form and other forms ask you to provide us with some personal information. The personal data including:

2.1.1 personal identification information: such as name, sex, age, date of birth, id card number (or passport number), phone number, address, address, email address, etc.

2.1.2 personal background, professional, education level, income status, marriage, family situation.

2.2 please understand, without your permission before and confirmation, this website will not for you to take part in the activities of the site specific information provided by the use of in other purposes. But by following the provisions of article 6 of the government and the law should be required to disclose this does not apply when.

3 and information security

3.1 this website will for you provide the material to a strict management and protection, this website will use the corresponding technology, and protects your personal information lost, stolen or been tampered with.

3.2 this web site in when necessary to entrust professional technology personnel in this data to the computer processing, to meet the needs of the time division of professional. If this website will delivery of notification of computer processing to you, and you are not in the notification within the time prescribed by the active express opposition, this website will be presumed you have agreed to. But in the later you still have the right to such as the following the first 4.1.4 to the provisions of article, request to stop computer processing.

4. User rights

4.1 you for your personal material enjoy the following rights:

At any time, and requests inquires 4.4.1 read;

4.1.2 request additions or corrections at any time;

4.1.3 request delete at any time;

4.1.4 request processing and use computer to stop.

4.2 in view of the above rights, this website for you to provide relevant service, you can send an E-mail to: [email protected]

5. Limit use principle

This web site in accord with the following condition but, one of the personal data collected on the other party necessary outside the scope of the use:

5.1 has already made your written consent;

5.2 as excuse you in life, physical or property aspects of the urgent danger;

5.3 to prevent other to equity serious harm;

5.4 for enhancing the public interest, and harmless in your material interests.

6. Personal information of the disclosure

When the government authority in accordance with the legal procedures require the disclosure of personal information website, this website will according to the request of the law enforcement agencies for the purpose of public security or the provision of the personal data. In the case of any disclosure, this website all does not undertake any responsibility.

7. Public BBS

Qingdao desiree group website for you provide the chat room, bulletin boards, etc. In these areas, you will be released any information of public information. Therefore, we remind and please you consider very carefully whether it is necessary in these areas open your personal information.

8. Minor privacy protection

8.1 this website will establish and maintain a reasonable procedures to protect young people of personal data privacy and security. This web site solemnly declare: any minor under the age of 18 in online activities should be explained by parents or their legal guardian (hereinafter referred to as the "guardian") by the consent of the verification.

8.2 guardian shall bear the protection of minors under network environment of the privacy of the primary responsibility.

8.3 this web site to collect personal data of the minors, not only for the reply adult specific requirements of the purpose, as soon as we finished namely from the record back to delete, and won't keep the material do further use.

Without the consent of the guardian 8.4, this website will not use a minor personal information, also won't disclose to any third party or send can not recognize the personal data of the adults. This web site as collecting guardian or minors, the names or other network communication information of the only purpose is to obtain guardian agree, then after a reasonable time still have not obtained permission from the records will be active delete such material.

8.5 if the adult guardians not agree, this website can be of a minor personal data collection, this website will provide to the guardian:

8.5.1 since their children at a collection of data or the opportunity;

The children or be 8.5.2 refused to the personal data being further guardian of the collection or to use;

8.5.3 change or delete their children by guardian or personal data way.

8.6 guardians shall have the right to refuse to this web site and its children or is done by guardian further contact.

8.7 this web site to collect personal data of the minors, the data is just pure as protect young people involved in the safety when network activity, not as the use of other purpose. This web site that will not require minors with extra personal material, as allowed it to participate in the conditions of the online activities.

9. Cookies

9.1 Cookies is to point to a kind of technology, when users have access the site of Cookies device, this website's server will automatically send Cookies to your browsing