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1 rubber machinery is used to manufacture tires and other rubber products, machinery, rubber machinery, including general, tires and other rubber products, mechanical machinery three categories. Chinese rubber machinery industry production rose year after year, sales soared, showing the potential development spurt. China rubber machinery is the rise of the East, and began to establish the great-power status.

2 2004, China's rubber machinery industry sales revenue exceeded 60 billion yuan, up by leaps and bounds, of which 26 sales are 45.7 billion yuan, up 57%; export delivery value of 453 million yuan, up 171%; sales rate of 99.2%. In 2005, China's rubber machinery industry growth rate over 2003 and 2004 "blowout" type of market slowed down significantly, but the profit growth, exports have increased sharply
In 2006, 29 major Chinese rubber machinery and rubber machinery unit to achieve 5.26 billion yuan output value, up 16.1 percent over the previous year; sales 5.248 billion yuan, up 14.8% over the previous year. In order to estimate China's rubber machinery sales reached 72 billion yuan, up 10.8 percent over the previous year. First half of 2007, China's 25 major rubber machinery enterprises realized sales income of 2.686 billion yuan, an increase of 17.4%, profit up 53.7%, indicating that the economic benefits of further improved rubber machinery industry.

3 China's rubber machinery industry in constant development, technological innovation and industrial capacity also needs to strengthen existing patent concentrated in a few companies, and is mainly concentrated in the vulcanizing machine, forming machine, also in the number of large foreign presence gap, but the actual achievements in science and technology there is still a large potential. China's rubber machinery lack of brand awareness and influence to do is restrict their "strong" one of the major factors, but most of the slow pace of internationalization of enterprises
In addition, the soft underbelly of the product after-sales service is not yet established a comprehensive global service system.

4 China's rubber machinery manufacturers must establish their own scientific and technological innovation system, increase product development efforts, development of a number of new products with independent intellectual property rights. And establish the concept of global markets, to accelerate from the "domestic-type" plants to "international" business transformation. Meanwhile, enterprises should establish brand awareness, striving to be China's rubber machinery brand, then create world's rubber machinery brands. "Eleventh Five-Year" period, the rubber will be fully upgrading it to the domestic rubber machinery industry made new demands, but also provides new business opportunities, needs further domestic rubber machinery rubber products to keep up with technological progress and meet the requirements, in particular, focus on non-tire rubber products rubber machine development, in order to achieve and the simultaneous development of rubber industry. "Eleventh Five-Year" period, China's tire production will reach 300 million-year bar, Meridian will increase to 70%, to the development of tubeless tire steel and metric tires, semi-steel tire to develop a wide cross-section, high speed level of the product , radial tire project is imperative, which requires manufacturers to provide new equipment, rubber machinery, rubber industry but also to meet the safety, energy saving, environmental protection development requirements. In addition to tire equipment, rubber machinery companies should also turning to non-tire rubber equipment.