Human Resources
A talent to achieve corporate strategic objectives of the foundation, is the driving force for sustainable development of enterprises. With scientific training methods, an effective incentive mechanism to level the playing field, a broad development space recruit good talent, human resources, "election, education, use, leave a" greater efforts to continuously optimize the quality of personnel structure . So that every employee can fully reflected in the collective self-esteem, achieve personal career planning and business development goals of maximum fit, employees and businesses to grow. Respected company "unity, pragmatic, pioneering and innovative" spirit of enterprise, we believe that "good employees to complete their work is the company's wealth", the company focus on staff integrity, honesty and courage to take responsibility for professional ethics, promote communication, cooperation and dedication, help each other. Scientific and standardized management company to provide staff with a good working environment and development platform, employees and business efforts to achieve common development and progress.
2 The company advocates a simple and harmonious interpersonal relationships, resist any bad "company politics" phenomenon, so that relationships between people has become simple and healthy and build a happy working atmosphere. We are concerned about the staff of life, encourage the pursuit of physical and mental health of employees, business support staff to carry out a rich cultural and sports activities, the staff at work than relax, so that employees can work hard, happy life.

3 Only a world-class talent to build world-class brand. Adhere to the "people-oriented" concept of the execution rate in the company's talent strategy under the guidance of efforts to build professional team. Always build team of professional managers and to create openness, cooperation, integrity, development and harmony of the team a new image as a future management team building and corporate culture of the starting point and destination point. Who insist on strengthening vocational training, efforts to create a good native talent, to build a professional army and a large number of people the professional managers of top-notch talent, management talent, technological innovation and expertise in various positions, bringing in talent, and by the emergence of talent lead, promote the coordinated development of the Group. Focused on building and corporate philosophy, corporate values ​​and entrepreneurial spirit to adapt to corporate culture, embodied in the care of people respect, value their self-actualization, and continuously improve the working environment, to effectively solve the vital interests of employees, and actively committed to social responsibility.

4 tracks the industry forefront of technological progress, do a good job of strategic studies, a clear strategic goals, strategic focus, strategic steps, strategic measures, through high-level personnel to develop the right strategy to guide the development of specific enterprise, the enterprise is always in market competition initiative, firmly grasp the initiative to accelerate development.

5 Create a strong incentive mechanism to hard constraints, the right to make all kinds of talents, responsibilities and interests of unity, to fully mobilize their enthusiasm to play their role, to realize their value. "First-class treatment to attract first-rate talents, first-class talent build first-class enterprise, first-class enterprises to create first-class benefits, first-class benefits of providing first-class treatment" and "first-class cycling." Of good management, model and model workers who have made outstanding contributions to engineering practice period of stock awards, to further enhance the business and employees and woe, the fate of interconnected sense of responsibility. Adhere to the "people-oriented, with Germany as yet, according to law, letter to the reputation" of the marketing concept. Establish customer satisfaction Xiyingmen people image, to create a competitive, open talent pool.